Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

US$ 150 per day

This Prado is equipped with an extensive suite of Toyota’s advanced off road technologies to help you stay in control on the most treacherous and demanding terrains.

Arusha car rental and safari The interior continues to convey a Lexus-like feeling, with a spacious and roomy cabin that doesn’t skimp out on head, shoulder and leg room, at least for the first two rows of passengers. The first and second rows are comfortable and easy to get in and out of, after negotiating the high step-on height. The second-row bench folds down and can be split 60/40 for various luggage-hauling options. It is the optional third row, found in the top-of-the-range Prado, that is a hassle to deal with, With it, the Prado can seat a headcount of eight. But the last three who get relegated to the third row have to deal with cramped quarters and staring at their own knees. Luggage space is immense with the third row out of the way, but space is severely cut down with it in use. At least the available rear air conditioning brings some fresh air to the suffering third row of passengers.

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a good choice for those who want luxury and capability in moderation. It is a super-smooth cruiser on the road and can go virtually anywhere off the beaten path. It has everything expected of a Toyota, we are the best when it comes to Arusha car rental and safari


  • 5 – 7 Spacious Seats
  • 175 Horse power
  • 9 / 12 Km/L Fuel Consumption